How about coaching?


how about coachingHow about coaching? Is this just a trendy thing to do these days or maybe it is something that can change your life while you’re in it?

First of all, I have to tell you that it is a little bit of both. It is for sure a bit of a trendy thing to do: to be a coach or to work with one. But how I see it … we are missing the whole point of coaching. It is not the coach who is making the change for you … nobody can do that! You have to make the chance yourself … and that is hard and unpleasant.

I am very lucky to be able to work with people and to be part of their changing process. I have seen them come to life again and become a beautiful butterfly but also I have seen them giving up and just waiting for somebody else to make the changes for them …

Nobody can save anybody … we can only save ourselves. And you know what? We are our own worst enemy ever … and the most running we do … is from ourselves. When people understand that the problem is half solved.

Love … is it such a beautiful word but we only speak it and we never feel it for real. We find reasons to love … but love has no reason … it just happens. Somebody very special to me has a saying: if you are empty on the inside you can never find true love because you have nothing to give … you are in need not in love …

The work that I do with you is to guide you to love and understand yourself. To learn how to listen to your inner voice and learn how to succeed with your own forces and weapons.

I can not fight the battle in your place though …

Coaching is great in small organizations but also in big ones. People need to be guided to stay on their own path and make the most of their lives.

A great manager will see this need and will do it and will find a coach for his/her team to make the most of their potential but also to give them back their lives.

The Real Thing about coaching is that is all about YOU. You are the main character and you are the only one who can apply the changes … I am only acting like your inner voice until you learn how to listen to it …

If you want to learn more about you learn how to ask the right questions and open your soul for the right answers to come.

Follow your H.E.A.R.T. !