There is life after leaving your job after a long time


HR Pill There is life after leaving your job after a long timeHow long is too long ? or How short is too short? I have heard so many opinions on this that you would not believe.

“Oh, it does not look good to change jobs to often.” No, it is better to stay and suffer like a poor imprisoned animal at least a year so it will look good on your CV .. really?

“Oh, you need to change jobs after 4 years. It is not good to stay in a place too long. “Well, I stayed for 10 years and I loved every single moment of it till the day I left. When I felt that it was my time to make a change, I did it. Not because it would not look good on my CV but because I felt so.

I stayed 10 years in a job that I truly loved. You can not imagine how afraid I was when I decided to leave. I was heading towards a domain unknown to me and I was like a little deer stuck between a rock and a hunter.

It was hard at first, of course. I had to learn a whole lot of new tricks and I was kinda an old dog … But surprisingly you can teach an old dog new tricks. And loved it ! I started working in sales and it was so me and I started to see the colorful life after a long time on the same job.

I started to trust myself more, to try new things more often, to discover all the things I thought I was not able to do anymore.

I don’t say you should do it. I say there is nothing for you to be afraid of. If you don’t feel good being in the same place for a long time then you should give yourself a chance and try something else, something new.

Always go for the things you like. Think for a minute: you stay at work for at least 8 hours. It is longer than what you spend at home so why not make it great. How you live your life it is your choice and YOU are the only one who can actually do something about it. Nobody else can live your life for you as you can not do it for your kids either.

Maybe some recruiters and companies will look at your CV and say: ohhhh she/he stayed there for too long or too short period of time and I will not call her/him because this means .. this means NOTHING! .. No .. it means that place is a place where you dont want to be.

Don’t lose hope and trust yourself more. There is life after winter, after wars, after huge tragedies, so believe me .. there is life after you quit your job.

Find your rhythm, your music and dance to it like nobody is watching. There are not “just words”. You will tell me: “well, but these will not pay my bills.”

Maybe, but you are not going to do that either if you lose your health and life on something that doesn’t bring you anything good.

Live up to your dream and always give yourself a chance.