Who is Applying for Jobs

we want youThe recruitment part of my job was very interesting. Till I started my work in HR I did not understand why it is so hard to find the right person for a job.

It is really not as simple as you may think. As a recruiter you have alot of pressure on your shoulders: first it is the GM who thinks that the Company is not doing great because it takes you to long to find the right people.
Second of all, the hiring Manager is never satisfy with what you provide because for sure he /she can do it better or because the people are not quite as they desired – and that is your fault my dear recruiter.
Last but not least all the candidates need your attention and feedback and they might not understand that it’s really not up to you how long the process will take.
The selection process is amazing. I have to tell you about one time when we were looking for a dotNET and we advertised the position on several job sites. I was very frustrated because no relevant candidate was applying. There were only people who had absolutely nothing on their CV to indicate that they had anything to do with the job. Even a month of experience.But then i saw it…a samba dancer wanted to be a dotNET.
I had no idea how to react to it but i was curious why did she apply? So i called her and her answer was: “I had no idea what that was. I am applying to anything I can find and i’ll see who calls me.”
Dear candidates, I do not think this method will bring you any luck. And the worst part is that the employer will no longer trust the job sites and the persons who apply there.
It is very important to choose for applying something that you really want to do (if you do not have experience go for junior positions) or for something you have experience. It will for sure increase your chances to get the right job.
And my dear recruiters, I think you have a very important but very difficult job. I am sure you would work even better if all the managers would know the difficulties you are dealing with every day.
Don’t be shy and tell them. They might no hear you at first but eventually they’ll get there.